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founded in 1989, china patent information center (cnpat, is a branch of china national intellectual property administration (cnipa,, previously named sipo). cnpat is a state-owned large-scale patent information service institution, which provides services for cnipa, as well for commercial companies. with the management and the use right of patent databases, as well as the management right of integrated services granted by cnipa, the business scope of cnpat involves integration services of software and hardware, translation of global patent documents, data processing and indexing, high-end services relating to customized patent retrieval, consultation, evaluation and strategic analysis, as well as advisory services including technology and ip transfer and transformation.

With more than 500 employees and 23 divisions, CNPAT owns four wholly-owned subsidiaries of Beijing Guozhuan Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., Beijing IDIT Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinzhiruitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhuanxin Yiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Relying on the 30 years of development experience of CNIPA, CNPAT provides services to enterprises and institutions such as CNIPA, local governments, local IP management departments, patent examination cooperation centers, universities and research institutes, and the service scope covers the whole country. Meanwhile, CNPAT provides a unique IP operation platform for organizations at various levels by combining market demand and integrating effective resources, strengthens in-depth cooperation with various institutions across the country, expands overseas markets in an all-round way, and continuously outputs a series of high value-added products and services.
Tel: (86-10) 61073107

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