Adair’s Gender Neutral Lamb Nursery

August 14, 2013 3 Comments

I have teased you for too long about Adair’s nursery!  We had it finished before she arrived but I wanted my mom to take pictures of it because as a professional photographer, she could do the painted furniture pieces justice.  I am overloading this post with pictures because her room is the culmination of my finest hour as a furniture painter! 

I have color and black and whites of some images because I couldn’t choose between them. 

Ready for a tour?We did not find out the gender of the baby so the nursery is gender neutral except for a few accents we added after the fact.  I’m glad we did gender neutral nursery decor – I like pink but not enough to make it the superstar in a nursery.

Also, I pretend to be a minimalist, so I didn’t want a ton of stuff and extra useless baby junk that we’ll have to haul back to the mainland when Nate gets out of the military.  I decided to paint matching furniture in a shabby chic style and Young Kansas Wheat as my color of choice.  It’s one of my top three CeCe colors and my favorite neutral. The nursery is comfortably situated in the third room of our wonderfully old house in Hawaii.

My mom had the idea of adding sheer curtains that bring through the perfect amount of light.

Antique cribs are scary, right? Well, I decided to go with a new crib purchased on base. It was super cheap and I painstakingly painted it. Imagine me crawling around the floor with a huge belly trying to paint this crib! The things we do for love and paint.  The crib took so much time to paint that I vowed to never paint another one.

She loves her lamb sleep noise maker.  I will spare you from the corny jokes my mom and I made about the whale noises it makes.

The crib set was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s the “Little Lambie” set from Pottery Barn.  We actually don’t use the bumper but it is so adorable! Adair looks so sweet on her little lamb sheets.Next to the crib, I stacked blankets from Nate and my childhood.The star of the show is, of course, the antique dresser that I purchased for $175 from an old Hawaiian beach house.  Can you believe that price?

Oh, the details. I stained the hardware pewter to go with the cool, neutral tone of the room.  Pewter is the perfect compliment to CeCe Caldwell’s Young Kansas Wheat.This dresser is my favorite piece that I’ve painted for myself.  It was one of the first CeCe projects I completed as well.

Now, where was I? It was a bit of a challenge to bring the all-white room to life and give it a warm, cozy feel.

The beautiful quilt that my Auntie Marg sewed really brightens up the room and ties the reading corner area together. Lady A already loves looking at the quilt and it will be fun to sing all of the individual nursery rhymes that are sewn into the quilt together.

I knew I wanted a little nursing area/cozy reading spot. I found a glider for $50 on Craigslist, painted it Young Kansas Wheat and asked my Grandma to reupholster it. Grandma sewed the real wool lambs for Adair’s nursery and a friend of our family made the beautiful monogrammed blanket.

I painted the side table in Young Kansas Wheat and Dover White. I love this shabby little table!

A friend of the family found these precious little porcelain lambs.

More lambs? Why yes.

And here’s the table one more time in black and white.

My mom found these painted letters at a boutique on the North Shore. Two of the antique books are from my Great-Aunt Helen and the little one is from my mother-in-law. The ADAIRable vintage cat is from Adair’s Aunt Mary on Nate’s side.

The antique dresser is perfect for use as a changing table. It’s super high off the ground and massive.

The stunning image boards atop the dresser are courtesy of my mom. Her business Jennifer Jones Photography now offers these boards. I prefer them to canvas and love the vintage style of the cut outs. You can see the full blog posts with pictures from Adair’s Hawaiian newborn photo shoot on my Mom’s blog.

The photo boards were a perfect solution to brighten up that empty white wall space above the dresser without having to put up another cluttered shelf. I love simplicity.The changing pad cover is chocolate brown to add some richness.The outfit Adair is wearing was from the gender neutral baby shower my mom threw me. It was hanging on the decorated clothes lines she created.

I found this french style container at TJ Maxx forever ago.I found a little “ABC” bookshelf for $5 at a thrift store and painted it.We are super bookish and I was excited to make her first little library.

That completes our tour – now for a few of my favorite pictures of Adair!

She is my little sweet heart.

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March 02, 2015

I am going to steal your idea of using Dover White with YKW. I have some furniture in YKW that looks too tan for me. I was going to repaint, but I’ll try freshening it up with DW first. Thanks!

Joy Carpenter
Joy Carpenter

January 03, 2015

I LOVE this baby nursery! It’s beautiful! Can you tell me how you accomplished this look? Did you sand down after applying the young Kansas wheat? Was the furniture originally dark underneath? Thanks for your help!:)

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