Metallic Ombre Hangers Tutorial

July 17, 2014 1 Comment

Metallic Ombre Hangers Tutorial

I like big bows and I cannot lie.

The bow collection in my daughter Adair's vintage lamb themed nursery was beginning to take over her bedroom.  She has so many bows that I didn't even know which ones she had anymore and I could never find my favorite ones in the scattered piles.  In my defense, most of them were gifts but still, it was crazy over here.

I decided to make a rustic style series of bow hangers for her room and love how they turned out.

This project was a bit time consuming but it was also fun and I love the result, organized bows and headbands on a colorful ombre display.  Of course they won't stay this neat and tidy, but hey, a mom can dream, right?  You could also use these boards to hang jewelry or your own accessories as well!

At first I wanted to add in some pink but then I decided against it.  I wanted something fresh with cool and warm gold tones.

I cannot get over the texture that you can achieve with CeCe Caldwells Paints and Metallic Waxes.  Isn't it glorious?

Supplies needed:

- Four planks of Douglas Fir wood available at any hardware store.  You can ask to have your planks cut into 2 foot long segments at Home Depot for a small price (like under a dollar).  I believe the planks were under $20 for all four (remember, we are in Hawaii where wood is expensive).

- Sandpaper (I prefer medium grit).

- Twenty jeweled knobs.  I ordered these jeweled knobs from Amazon.  They were $19.30 for 20 knobs which was as cheap as I could find them anywhere and they included free shipping with Amazon Prime.

- Saw tooth hangers (I order them in bulk here).

- Drill and Drill bit.

- CeCe Caldwells Paints sample sizes in the following colors: Simply White, Nantucket Spray, California Gold, Seattle Mist, Emerald Isle Green and Maine Harbor Blue (retired but you could easily replace with Windsor Blue).

- CeCe Caldwell's Endurance Finish and staining pad (available at Home Depot or any paint supplies stores).

- CeCe Caldwell's Sierra Silver and Bingham Canyon Copper Metallic Wax.

The Process:

1.  Clean the wood planks with a paper towel and water then gently sand the edges to take off any splinters.

2.  Paint!!  To do ombre, I painted the top plank Simply White all over, let it dry, then painted Nantucket Spray on the bottom.  While the NS was still damp, I dipped a clean brush in water, blotted excess water off on a paper towel and then gently dragged it through the middle of the plank to blend the colors.  Here is the color scheme:

Top plank: Simply White on top, Nantucket Spray on bottom

Second: Nantucket Spray on top, California Gold on bottom

Third: California Gold on top, Seattle Mist on bottom

Bottom Plank: Seattle Mist on top and a mix of Emerald Isle Green and Maine Harbor Blue (50% of each with a smidgen of Seattle Mist to tone it down) to make the teal.  At first I went with Vermont Slate at the very bottom but decided it was too dark so I painted over it with a custom teal mix.

I did not wet distress at all, instead, I applied a thin coat of paint on the wood and when I painted, I did not fill in all of the edges of the wood with paint to give a rustic feel.

3.  Endurance Finish.  Once all of the paint is dry, apply a thin even coat of my favorite finish, Endurance Finish using a staining pad.

4.  Metallic Waxes.  When the Endurance Finish is dry, apply Sierra Silver Metallic Wax on top of Simply White, Nantucket Spray, Seattle Mist and the custom teal.  I use a chip brush to apply a light coat of Metallic Wax.  Then in the middle over the California Gold, I added some Bhingham Copper Canyon Metallic Wax.

5. Drill holes into the wood where the jeweled knobs will be placed and screw in the jeweled knobs.

6. Hammer on saw tooth hooks onto each side on the back of the plank (so one on the top right and one on the top left).

7.  Hammer in a nail where each saw tooth hook will sit and place the planks on the wall!!! Be sure to use a measuring tape to get them evenly separated (annoying, but worth it).

Hang up your bows or jewelry and enjoy!!  Have more questions? Feel free to comment below and I will be sure to get back with you.


For more ideas and inspiration, check out @DearOlympia on Instagram.

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September 10, 2014

You could do a double sided one to help make a divider in a room hang it from rope. Drill holes in the wood at each end so it hangs. Knot then add another one. You have to dill holes thorough on each board they can be hung a little over eye level and then maybe 6 to 8 inches apart on dome. just an idea I love the metallic wax.

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