Problem Table Turned Weathered Beauty

October 23, 2014 1 Comment

Problem Table Turned Weathered Beauty

This table was a side of the road find turned weathered, coastal number.
I saw it on bulk trash day and wheeled it two streets down to my house.  There I was at 9 PM rolling a table top across my neighborhood. 
This is my life.
After I sanded the entire top down, I stained it using Walnut Grove Stain + Finish and it was beautiful except that I sanded too much in some areas so spots of wood wouldn't take stain. *Face Palm*
I tried everything in my bag of tricks but those spots just wouldn't take stain. 
The rest of the table was so gorgeous.
Enter the seven stages of furniture grief.  I mean, look at how pretty it WOULD HAVE BEEN STAINED.
It was late, so I decided to snap out of it and do something else.

So close, yet so far away. 

This is me trying not to live in regretsville. 

I decided to go with a weathered, coastal finish using Silverhill Fog.

To achieve this look, I dry brushed on Silverhill Fog paint straight onto the table.

Here is a video of how I did it. 

   Here is a pic of half of the table after it was weathered.

 After I dry brushed Silverhill Fog all over the top, I let it dry.  I also dry brushed on some Pittsburgh Grey.

After the grey dried, I sprayed the whole top down lightly with water and let the water sit there until it dried.

Once it dried, I played with Clear Glaze!

I tinted a half a cup of Clear Glaze with a teaspoon of Thomasville Teal and a teaspoon of Nantucket Spray.

I applied the tinted Glaze all over the top with a staining pad.  In the picture below, the left side has tinted Clear Glaze.

The Glaze went on a little heavy so I sprayed it down with water and wiped some of it off.

Then I sanded the edges and top of the table with my orbital sander using fine grit sand paper.

Finally, I sealed it with my favorite finish, Endurance Finish.

The stripe around the table is painted in Thomasville Teal

Gotta have my pop of color.

I'm happy with it!

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Leslie Reinbach
Leslie Reinbach

June 10, 2016

I love your table. The coastal look is what I am going for.

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