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White and Off White Colors

Looking for the perfect white but not sure which one to choose?  In the video below, Jennilyn shows the different white and white colors side by side.

  • Casement is the purest white with the slightest hint of yellow.
  • Limestone is an off-white with stronger yellow undertone.
  • Champlain is our go to neutral, cottage white with hints of yellow and gray.
  • Lamp White is an off-white with a gray undertone.
  • Picket Fence is the brightest white in the line.
  • Raw Silk is the newest white.  It's a warm old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey.

Right to left in the video below: Picket Fence, Casement, Limestone, Champlain, Lamp White.

 Here is a more recent video I did showing the different white colors:

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