Jennilyn's European Styling Fresco


Mix up some of Jennilyn's European Styling Fesco for the perfect sea swept, weathered, worn and rustic textured look. It is 100% natural and contains no VOCs.

Our small Package will make 1 Pint of the Sea Swept or Crackled Heavy Texture look, or 5 Pints of Flat Matte Chalky Finish. That's enough to paint the huge 7 foot wardrobe you see here! Our large package makes 1 gallon of the Sea Swept/Crackled Look and over 3 gallons of the Chalky Flat Finish look.

Depending on your mix and application, you will get a different end result. Check out Fusion founder Jennilyn's blog post for instructions on how to achieve the crackled heavy texture look, the Flat Matte Chalky Finish look and the Sea Swept look.

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