Market Extensions - Super, Flower, Vintage, Flea

We all love MARKET signs. But what kind is best?

You can now create any kind of market sign you desire with this special MARKET Extensions collection!

For endless possibilities, use the words Flea, Flower, Super or Vintage to replace the word "Farmers" on the Farmers' Market stencil.

You can purchase each word separately.

NOTE: The Farmers' Market stencil is not included with the Market Extensions Kit. The Market Extensions Kit only includes the words: flower, vintage, flea and super. The Farmers' Market stencil is sold separately and is required for market signs.

Words: Flea, Flower, Super and Vintage are sold separately for $17.99 each.


Flower 3" x 8" 
Vintage 4" x 8.2" 
Flea 3" x 5.8" 
Super 4" x 7.8"

All stencils are made from durable 10 mil mylar, complete with center registration marks and some underlined engraving under text, making alignment a breeze!

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