Plaid Shirt Stencil

PLAID SHIRT was inspired by Donna's farmer's daughter days. Dad's shirt of choice was always a cozy plaid you wanted to cuddle up against! Now you can create custom plaid on anything you wish, in the colours of your choice!

PLAID SHIRT is a 2-piece stencil kit, designed to layer on top of each other to create a true plaid effect. Picture #2 showcases how this listing comes. The project photos are for inspiration purposes only. No other supplies come with the stencils.


  1. Centre thin checks first, in the middle of your project.
  2. Stick masking tape behind the 4 small square registration marks.
  3. Mark with pencil.
  4. Paint thin or thick checks first, fading out towards the stencil edges.
  5. To continue pattern, layer LONG VERTICAL lines on top of one another.
  6. Align the 2nd stencil over registration marks.
  7. Repeat pattern until done, using same techniques.

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